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Plumbing Industry


Paths to Licensing

New to the plumbing industry? Get on the path to a license! Follow a path below:


Maintaining Your Active License

Already have a license? Follow steps below to help keep it maintained.




For complete information on licensing requirements see the Plumbing License Law of 1955 and Plumbing Industry Regulations.


License Renewal for Licensed Plumbers


Bond & Insurance Requirements and Forms


Continuing Education

The following courses are offered for licensed plumbers on a month by month basis.  Please see the schedule and times to enroll.


Documents and Applications


Rules and Laws


Plumbing Industry Committees/Boards


Further Resources


Plumbing Industry FAQs

Q: What are the Continuing Education requirements?

A: All Journeymen and Contractors are required to have received six (6) hours of continuing education within the preceding thirty-six (36) months of their license expiration. Visit the Plumbing Industry page for a list of approved CEU courses under “Continuing Education”.


Q: If I fail the test when can I take it again?

A: Thirty (30) days after the first failure, and ninety (90) days after subsequent failure(s).


Q: My contractor has not provided me with the hours I have worked for him so I can prove my experience counts towards licensing. What can I do?

A. Send a written request to the contractor. Contact the CIB if the contractor fails to provide the information after written request.


Q: How can I prove my hours of experience when the contractors I have worked for are dead or out of business?

A: You may use tax records or contact your social security office and request a “Work History Report” and submit a copy of those documents with your application.


Q: Is an apprentice application required every year for apprentice work?

A: Yes. In order for apprentice work experience to be counted towards licensing, it must be verifiable through apprentice registration, unless lawfully obtained while exempted.


Q: Does a licensed contractor have to sign off on the apprentice application every year?

A: Yes, the licensed contractor or approved school/training instructor has to sign the application for the apprentice every year.


Q: Does the CIB keep track of the apprentice hours worked yearly?

A: No, the licensed contractor must, and the apprentice should, keep an account of the apprentice hours worked each year.


Q: I need an application / renewal form / I did not get my renewal form.

A: The application is available for download from this website by going to “Forms/Applications” and clicking on the specific form. Forms are also available at the CIB office, or a form can be mailed to you upon request. When a licensee or registrant has a change in address or phone number, notice to the CIB is required.