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Building and Construction Inspectors

Path to Licensing

New to the building inspectors industry?  Get on the path to a license! Follow the steps below:

  • Generally, providing proof that you have passed a nationally recognized examination approved by the Committee for each trade classification desired.  You must pass the residential exam for the residential license classification in a trade, and you must pass both the residential and commercial exam for the unlimited license classification in a trade.

  • OR, seek a provisional license pending successfully passing examination, along with certification of your employing political subdivision and required fees.

Apply For License

For complete information on licensing requirements see the Rules and Laws for Building and Construction Inspector Regulations.


Continuing Education

Complete six (6) hours annually for each license category. The following courses are offered for building inspectors on a month by month basis.  Please see the schedule and times to enroll.


Documents and Applications


Rules and Laws


Building Inspector Committees/Boards


Further Resources


Building and Construction Industry FAQs

Q: Is every town required to employ a licensed building and construction inspector?

A: No. The Oklahoma Inspectors Act governs building and construction inspectors employed to perform building and construction inspections in a political subdivision having a population of more than 10,000.


Q: What are the Continuing Education requirements?

A: To renew a Building and Construction Inspector license, the licensee shall submit evidence of having attended six (6) clock hours of approved continuing education for each license category (plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and building/structure) within the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the term for which the license is to be issued. The courses must be approved by the Oklahoma Inspector Examiners Committee. For a list of approved CEU courses, visit “Continuing Education" on the Building Inspectors Industry page.


Q: I need an application / renewal form / I did not get my renewal form.

A: The application is available for download from this website by going to “Forms/Applications” and clicking on the specific form. Forms are also available at the CIB office, or a form can be mailed to you upon request. When a licensee or registrant has a change in address or phone number, notice to the CIB is required.