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New Procedures - Board Appointments to Trade Committees

This is to notify you of a new procedure of the Board decided at the January 24, 2024, board meeting concerning appointments made by the Board to the trade committees. Appointments made by the Governor, President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Speaker of
the House, or seats having no statutory requirement for nominating letters are not affected by this Board procedure.

For committee seats required by statute to be appointed from a list provided as described in statute, the Board is requesting the relevant statutorily described association or entity providing a nominating letter to list at least three names, as statutes may require, for consideration of appointment pursuant to statutory authority.  For statutory provisions, see OSCN or licensing act laws at CIB's website:

The Board is requiring all committee appointment nominating letters to be provided to the CIB by April 5, 2024, in order for those letters and nominations to be timely considered by the Board for appointment to Committee seats scheduled to expire in calendar year 2024. The Board also requests information about the nominee(s) giving sufficient information for a fair consideration of a nominee’s qualification and compliance with statutory requirements be provided to the CIB by the nominee or the nominating entity, such as a bio or resume.