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COVID-19 Important Information & Resources

To comply with the Governor's Executive Orders, limit possible exposure to COVID-19, protect the health of the public and agency employees, and ensure continuity of all agency operations, effective immediately - the CIB’s lobby area is open to the public by appointment only with employees working remotely when possible and services continuing to be provided through its website, email, phone, fax and mail. For contact information, please go to: Contact Page

Relative Executive Orders and Memorandums

Secretary of State’s Office for Executive Orders

Essential Critical Infrastructure Outlines

Identification of essential critical infrastructure workers during COVID-19 response

US. Homeland Security CISA Memorandum

Protecting Yourself and Your Job-Site

CDC Guidelines on how to protect yourself



Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 

US Department of Labor and OSHA Standards and Guidelines in regards to COVID-19 

Updates and Additional Resources

Oklahoma Department of Health Coronavirus information and updates 

State of Oklahoma has created a website to serve as a resource to find services and information related to the COVID-19 virus